Ravensbourne Postgraduate | MA Communication Design
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MA Communication Design alumna receives the Merit Award 2018 of the SEGD

MA Communication Design alumna received this June the Merit Award 2018 of the SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design) in Minneapolis (United States) . Emme Jacob, who was studying at Ravensbourne during the past academic year has received the prestigious award for her master’s final project, “Any > Which > Way”. A flexible signage system for new workspaces culture.


Geli Luna – Spatial Identity

For her MA Communication Design project, Spatial Identity, Geli Luna reinterprets a musical artist’s visual identity through an immersive spatial experience.

Influenced by theories of depth and perception by Richard Gregory, the anamorphic art of Tjeerd Alkema and the Op art paintings of Bridget Riley, Luna applied her fascination with physical space and knowledge of 3D design to Spatial Identity.


Taking the band Alt-J as case study, Spatial Identity reimagines the band’s performances READ MORE

Radical Materiality – 19th of September 2017

Join us from 6pm on 19 September to celebrate the opening of Radical Materiality, a curated exhibition of postgraduate work exploring the altering role of convergence between the digital and physical and its impact on how we create artefacts and shape experiences.READ MORE

Pryscila Cromeyer – Dress Well

Moved by the refugee crisis in Calais, France, MA Communication Design student Pryscila Cromeyer wanted to create a project which would directly help those affected. Dress Well is an app and service concept designed to improve and hasten the overall process of donating clothing to the refugee community in Calais.READ MORE

Koonpol Podhisita – Culturalphabet

Culturalphabet, designed by MA Communication Design graduate, Koonpol Podhisita, uses beautiful illustrations to bring to life the twenty one consonant sounds that make up the Thai language. Podhisita’s project encourages more than just the routine memorisation of words and rules of grammar to increase vocabulary.READ MORE

Superhuman – 20th of September 2016

During an era within which technical automatisms deftly merge into our everyday lives, we’re often speculating about the exact kind of future we’re hurtling towards. Technologies continue to augment around us at lightening speed;READ MORE