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‘Accomplices’ – Avatars and other Alter Egos

It’s cold outside, but just before we start looking forward to the holiday season, it’s time for a sneak peek to see how busy our current postgraduate students have been during the first five-week cycle of the 2017/ 2018 year.

Four projects were presented in response to the brief ‘Accomplices’ – Avatars and other Alter Egos, a glimpse into students’ READ MORE

Fernanda Valério – Within the Orbit

Fernanda Martins Valério, of MA Wearable Futures, considers the stark reality of climate change and the devastating impact of human activity upon the balance of the planet.

With seven billion of Earth’s inhabitants consuming at the same rate as the United States, for example, a number of important minerals would be gone in less than 20 years. READ MORE

Radical Materiality – 19th of September 2017

Join us from 6pm on 19 September to celebrate the opening of Radical Materiality, a curated exhibition of postgraduate work exploring the altering role of convergence between the digital and physical and its impact on how we create artefacts and shape experiences.READ MORE

Videomapping workshop

Our postgraduate students have participated in a videomapping workshop deliverd by Blanca Regina. This workshop introduces projection mapping looking at the history of image projection, its language, techniques and its application in performances, installations and events.READ MORE

Simona Knuchel – Lost in the Story

From the 1800s until the late 1980s, hundreds of thousands of Swiss children were taken from their parents and placed in ‘administrative custody’, exploited for cheap agricultural or domestic labour as ‘contract children’ or verdingkinder. Swiss children were subject to this state intervention if they were illegitimate, orphaned, or simply born into a poor family. READ MORE