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thoughts and practices from Ravensbourne’s


The Transparent Act by Dr Brigitta Zics: Book Launch

Dr Brigitta Zics, our acting Director of Postgraduate Studies, published her new book last month under the title The Transparent Act. It was launched at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and C3: Center for Culture & Communication in Budapest.


MA Moving Image alumnus succeed in ‘Hey Siri, What am I doing?’ with fabric installation

MA Moving Image  alumnus Sangwoo Lee, who was studying with us during the academic year 2016-2017, has been invited to perform his last collaboration, An Opulent Wedding , in the Hey Siri, What am I doing? exhibition at Safehouse 2 last December. It presented an experimental space, housing technologically inspired works by seven young artists based in London: Myungjun Lee, Sooyeon Jaekal, Daehee Lee, Eunmi Kim, Taeyoung Choi and artist duo Sangwoo Lee & Meehye Han. Utilizing the modern technology of digital media


Miyazaki’s Flow – Data Visalisation research

MA Communication Design students have been working in a collaborative short project of a concept for a diagramatic representation illustrating the life and work of Hayao Miyazaki. This project responded to the idea of undertaking a process of research to explore the concept of flow through data visualisation.


Success of the Critical Presence Postgraduate Show at London Design Week

With a vibrant private view and opening night Ravensbourne’s postgraduate community showcased the outcome of one year intensive interdisciplinary design research and practice. Dr Brigitta Zics, the Acting Course Director of the Postgraduate Programme, opened the event with the following remarks:

This is a special year for us. This is the first year that we are launching the show as Ravensbourne University London. The Department of Postgraduate Studies was instrumental in helping to secure the University title.


MA Moving Image alumnus succeed in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

MA Moving Image  alumnus Enrique Muñoz, who was studying with us during the academic year 2016-2017, has been invited to perform his last work, Shacketon’s Stowayay, in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 next August. Sold Out for seventeen of the twenty three nights of the festival, and awarded with the  Sell Out Show laurel! After this success, next stops will be Cardiff, London for a full epic Antarctic adventure…READ MORE

MA Communication Design alumna receives the Merit Award 2018 of the SEGD

MA Communication Design alumna received this June the Merit Award 2018 of the SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design) in Minneapolis (United States) . Emme Jacob, who was studying at Ravensbourne during the past academic year has received the prestigious award for her master’s final project, “Any > Which > Way”. A flexible signage system for new workspaces culture.


PGCOM reflects our diverse subject areas at Ravensbourne

When Ravensbourne Postgraduate students leave their studies, they do so ready and eager to flourish in their chosen careers and industries. It’s not down to luck or even simply because we are responsive to the changes and challenges that digital revolution inevitably brings. It’s because we understand how essential it is to learn in an environment where a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach is positively cultivated and encouraged. READ MORE

Disruptive Discussions at The Library

Our first Disruptive Discussions event took place last Tuesday at The Library. The event was organised by Ravensbourne Postgraduate Department and heard from two leading authors on the topic of how to grow businesses, brands and organisations, with a focus on the challenges of working towards human-centred innovation, personalising the brand experience and understanding the new landscape of an the attention economy.

London is yours to unlock, #LondonisOpen

MA Communication Design student, Diego Sanguino, has participated with these designs in the D&AD Awards 2018. The prestigious awards has represented the very best in design and advertising during more than 50 years. READ MORE

Social labels and subcultures in fashion

MA Fashion current student Antonio Marcial Viéitez is creating a collection based on social labels and subcultures. His research is about how subcultures have changed and how they are not a private ritual anymore but a public and interactive event in social media. A manifest of how social labels play an important part of the evolution of society.READ MORE

MSc Applied Technologies alumnus collaboration at the Milano Design Week 2018

MSc Applied Technologies alumnus Valerio Adiutori who was studying with us during the academic year 2016-2017, has been taking part in the production and development of some of the pieces designed by McCollin Bryan that will be exposed during the Milano Design Week 2018 at Galleria Rossana Orlandi from the 17th to the 22nd of April.READ MORE

Fashion Lookbook 2017

MA Fashion at Ravensbourne has innovation at its heart and is the key place to explore traditional design skills in synergy with sophisticated entrepreneurial thinking.READ MORE

Projection mapping workshop

During this 3 day workshop led by London-based artist, teacher and curator, Blanca Regina. The first session covered the history of video and projection mapping, starting with the first son et lumière shows in France and through a variety of READ MORE