Ravensbourne Postgraduate | MA Moving Image alumnus succeed in ‘Hey Siri, What am I doing?’ with fabric installation
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MA Moving Image alumnus succeed in ‘Hey Siri, What am I doing?’ with fabric installation

MA Moving Image  alumnus Sangwoo Lee, who was studying with us during the academic year 2016-2017, has been invited to perform his last collaboration, An Opulent Wedding , in the Hey Siri, What am I doing? exhibition at Safehouse 2 last December. It presented an experimental space, housing technologically inspired works by seven young artists based in London: Myungjun Lee, Sooyeon Jaekal, Daehee Lee, Eunmi Kim, Taeyoung Choi and artist duo Sangwoo Lee & Meehye Han. Utilizing the modern technology of digital media

and artificial intelligence as a portal for exploring their identity in the increasingly digital-focused hyperreality, the combination of installations stimulates sensorial experience of conflicting representations of self and culture.

Human beings are bound in blankets from the moment they are born, protected by clothes throughout their lives, and wrapped in fabric when they die. Fabric is an important means of protecting the human body, and at the same time, it is a means of fulfilling human desires and vanity. Lee and Han expressed this idea through media and fabric installations representing the current stage of their lives. This work was actually initiated and inspired by their state of mind and awaited pledge for their upcoming wedding, and they would like to announce the new beginning of their lives through this work, their work illustrates not only the sacredness and beauty of marriage itself but also some negative emotions such as stress and strain coming from wedding planning, as well as their internal insecurities. Moreover, they point out the empty formalities and vanity surrounding wedding ceremonies in Korean society that force them to conform to formality rather than focusing on the substantial significance of marital vows, further extending the discussion to human vanity and greed.

The exhibition was presented and supported by The Korean Women’s International Association UK (KOWIN). The association supports and encourages the well-being of a young generation of Koreans in the UK.