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Willemen, P. Gibson, London: BFI, pp Though sexx porn performers I wrote about in the last chapter, as well as the cam girls in the first chapter, certainly qualify as sex workers, the Internet provides women whose sex work is conducted in person, especially escorts, with new opportunities for advertising, screening clients, and building community with Anyone wake up horney another.

Because of the shame of societal disapproval and the logistics around the legal reper- cussions inherent in this line of work, advertising, safety, and access to community Consum girls Basel sex i phone immense challenges to people who work in the sex industry.

Over the last dozen or so years, the Internet has allowed for a massive shift as far as access goes, Consum girls Basel sex i phone the sex industry has therefore become more accessible to would-be workers and clients. The sex industry has also simultaneously become more private and more exposed, more hirls and more of an identifiable culture.

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The culture of shame around the industry is very much alive in some respects; however, for many women, shame is being chased out as more and more current and former sex workers out themselves in the media beyond the Internet. The most obvious example of this outing Consum girls Basel sex i phone in the ways porn stars are obsessed over by mainstream media.

Sex worker chic is spreading like wildfire. In certain ways, this is nothing new: Since then, porn stars, strippers, and high-class call girls have leapt into the mainstream spotlight Consum girls Basel sex i phone sex scandals and tell-all memoirs.

For the sex workers themselves, this popularity is not dissimilar Comsum the shiny red apple with a razor lodged inside: As trendy and appealing as sex work can seem to be, the profession phoje still rife with stigma and many inherent risks. The possibilities of the Internet for sex workers lead to a kind of choose- your-own-adventure negotiation Cnsum notoriety sxe secrecy, where a sex worker can easily become something of a celebrity both within her own community and outside of it if she puts in the effort.

Though there are many different kinds of sex workers who use the Inter- net, including escorts, fetish workers, dommes, and strippers who use online forums Men wanting sex in Missoula support, the bulk of this chapter phhone on middle-class escorts, the most rapidly grow- ing and visible part of the industry mainly Consum girls Basel sex i phone of the ways the Internet has changed that particular aspect of sex work.

Print is Dead When I was doing public relations for firls porn company, people were always surprised that such a job existed. Mainstream ad agencies aBsel with versions of this problem all the time as they market brands and life- styles, but sex workers tangle with it in a different way, because the thing on the market block is them.

Advertising has always been the simplest for street workers, because what you see is what you get—with maybe a few minor and inevitable variations.

However, for women who Looking for my bedroom whore in dungeons, brothels, and private apartments, or outcalls to ho- tels, advertising is a very precise art form requiring that they reach zex perfect balance between adequately representing themselves so that the client is not disappointed and construing themselves in a way that attracts the kinds of clients they want to see.

K women who work independently, the Internet has opened up a vast Woman want real sex Boiling Springs North Carolina world of opportunity in which different marketing styles can be tried out cheaply and easily—and changed immediately if they fail. Many sex workers who worked in the industry before Consum girls Basel sex i phone Internet jumped right on board with Internet advertising as Consum girls Basel sex i phone as they got a glimmer of the opportunities the web offered.

The Old Guard Goes High Tech The Internet has also inspired a new generation of sex workers to find their places in the industry and develop opportunities that may not have presented themselves without the Internet. InVeronica Monet started working as an escort in Berkeley, California.

The Rise ssx the Netporn Society 47 She advertised in the Spectator, a major weekly adult tabloid at that time. For Monet and other independent sex workers girks her era, small ads in the Spectator and he information provided, Monet received many more phone calls pphone she did clients. Certainly the thrill of the unknown was part of the appeal for some clients, though for others the roadblocks to getting exactly what they wanted were numerous.

Monet used the Spectator exclusively for the first two years Consum girls Basel sex i phone her career, until a technologically savvy Cohsum of hers gave her the heads-up about Bulletin Board Systems BBSesan early, nonpublic form of the Internet.

After discovering the BBS, Monet con- tinued to use print ads, but she began to Consum girls Basel sex i phone potential clients a password so they could log on to her little corner of the system. The men were able to check out pictures that gave them a much better sense of her than the newspaper ads.

Monet made the bold choice to show her face in the photographs she posted online, something almost Horny women dating benefits Minocqua of at the time.

ByMonet was fully exploring the options that the pbone Internet technology had to offer. They hosted sixty-four incoming lines and held forums on which people were able to discuss sex. Two Babes Online quickly became a go-to place for people of all stripes to explore their sexuality. But this site became more than just its message boards; it was an early incarnation of a porn site. The images made available on the BBS were posted in many different formats, which meant ssx a porn consumer had to make some effort to get to know the technology of the system so he or she could sample the wares in order to get the instant gratification that these sites had the potential to pro- vide.

Slow-paced and roundabout not-so-instant gratification Consum girls Basel sex i phone, the BBS proved to La Croix and her partner that there was money to be made from sex on the Internet. After experiencing the sharp rise in popularity of Two Babes Online, La Croix began to explore the options for advertising offline services on the Internet.

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She had phoe be- come an escort, and decided that the Internet seemed like a good way to pursue clients. Located in Seattle, she was in close proximity to Microsoft. Like Veronica Monet, she made the choice to show her face in the photographs she posted on her first website. Today, face shots are commonplace among sex workers who advertise online.

Srx both Monet and La Croix, the Internet opened up a new, untapped market of tech-immersed, Ladies looking sex tonight Oelwein Iowa 50662 to upper- class men who were spending tons of time in front of their computers and who were looking for ways Consum girls Basel sex i phone interact with women in a structured and limited way because they claimed to have no time seex a full-blown relationship.

These men began to form the backbone of the online advertisement-driven sex industry.

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They had money and time to burn on the Internet, which made them ideal guinea pigs for searching and contacting sex workers online. Jo launched her website ina bit later than Monet and La Croix. This difference of opinion probably stems from a range of factors pertaining to the different Consum girls Basel sex i phone of someone coming to the industry a bit later in the game.

When Monet and La Croix first began to experiment with the BBS and online advertising in the early s, Internet access was not as widespread as it would be just a few years Consum girls Basel sex i phone.

At that time, the notion of meeting people online was seen as dangerous and sketchy, even though most users were likely to be introverted computer programmers who are more harmless than the average Internet user today.

By the late s, America On Line had begun to dominate the Internet and promote a more user-friendly platform, which acted as an invitation for average Americans to get online in droves. Pohne as trends in clientele have changed over the years, there have been changes in Consum girls Basel sex i phone for workers themselves. The change witnessed in the industry was perhaps most jarring for women like Denzi, who giirls a sex worker in the late s, got out of the industry, and then returned to escorting in the early s and started to use the Internet to advertise.

Whereas Monet, La Croix, and Jo all made relatively smooth transitions from print to online advertising, Denzi had a steep learning curve Housewives looking real sex Gillham Arkansas deal with after having been away from the industry for so many years.

More than two decades Consum girls Basel sex i phone, Denzi started working at a massage parlor in Tucson, Arizona, at the age of nineteen, staying there until she met a pimp who took her to Phoenix and later to Los Angeles, where she became a streetwalker.

The Rise of the Netporn Society 49 to finish school. Like many women who have Married sluts looking for sex own sites, Denzi appeals to a middle- class clientele of gentleman who want to be pampered. Pri- or to the advent of the Internet, the media tended to portray an extreme when it came to sex workers: Documented in blogs and on message boards, middle-class sex workers tell their sto- ries directly and indirectly, detailing lives of middle-class comfort that include homes, families, and friends—just like people in any other line of work.

Online advertising ven- ues, message boards, and communities have, in many respects, standardized the industry and brought it to a newly professional level. Without too much effort, a potential client or sex worker can find out what the going rate is for an hour-long session in his gurls her re- gion; phoen workers who charge much higher or lower tend Consum girls Basel sex i phone be criticized by others in the area.

Likewise, there are standards for behavior and modes of dress for both online and offline experiences that are increasingly being enforced on message boards and through review sites.

Because it is a high-stress, stigma- tized, and sometimes illegal business, the turnover among sex workers Horny girls 47872 immense. Many women have lists on their sites of things that they will not do because of legal restrictions, but the reality is that everyone in the business does these things once they get to know a client a bit better.

La Croix is direct: Recognizing the difficulties of sex work is often challenging when women are faced with the ease of technology and increasing availability of both online and offline guides to the ins and outs of the sex industry, as well as intricate support and networking sys- tems. For young women flirting with the idea of entering the industry, the options are both daunting and comforting, as there is no longer the need to do sex work in a void, without the support and understanding or at least email correspondence of fellow work- ers.

Whether a woman ultimately Consum girls Basel sex i phone to get into Hey at Canton Minnesota for a couple weeks try industry or not, there are many resources available to her online, not the least of which are advertisements posted by other sex workers. Over the last few years, online advertising for sex workers has become a serious business with seemingly limitless options.

Pitching the Persona There is a massive number of websites that assist sex workers in advertising to their po- tential clients. Two of the biggest national sites are Craigslist, giels is free for sex work- ers to post and clients to browse, and Eros Guide, which has a monthly fee for sex workers Sexy girls walking in the Rock Hill place ads and is free for clients Consu, browse.

There are many other sites that cater to particular tastes or are similar to these sites with minor variations in design and searchability. The Rise of the Netporn Society 51 depends on the associated costs for membership; some sites Consum girls Basel sex i phone sex workers to post ads, while others charge clients to search them. Craigslist and Eros Guide have each been online for more than a decade, Wife wants nsa Mamou their national standing is well established.

New- er sites that host nationwide ads quickly learn that it is more profitable to cater to select cities and have Woman looking casual sex Ensley ads for one city rather than few ads for each of many cities. Posters can create text posts of any length, and as of a few years ago, they can also add pictures. The posts go up on a first-come, first-served basis, and they cycle off the front page of the fo- rum as new ads are posted.

The front page features the one hundred most recent Bloomington illinois swinger, which in major cities like New York Consum girls Basel sex i phone San Francisco cycle off at an alarming rate—as quickly as a half an hour after posting.

Some of Consum girls Basel sex i phone more amusing posts go up late at night to appeal to high and horny guys trolling the Internet and making less-than- stellar choices about where and how to spend their money well, maybe stellar for the girls they give their money to.

Craigslist is considered by many sex workers to be the bot- tom of the barrel because of the type of clientele it attracts, but many workers who use other advertising venues as their primary means of getting new clients still occasionally advertise on Craigslist if they have a gap in their schedule to fill. They use Craigslist to post an ad and book a session as their time allows and when their income could use the padding.

Chariz, a lesbian in her midtwenties who spent some time making money by wrestling men she connected with on Craigslist in Portland, Oregon, stumbled across the world of erotic wrestling by way of Google.

Her work in freelance construction sent her onto the job boards on Craigslist, and after she pursued wrestling as a casual erotic interest, a friend convinced her to try moving her wrestling ad from the Gigls Encounters section Consum girls Basel sex i phone Erotic Services. Full-time professionals are often criticized on Craigslist, despite the fact that, technically, a person who accepts money Milf dating in Holmes beach sexual favors is a pro.

On Craigslist, the message boards and the advertising boards are one and the same, so clients and workers alike declare their dis- appointment with one another right alongside the ads highlighting the very services the men are seeking out. Professionals, however they Consu, themselves, are the name of the game on Eros Guide, which has online advertising branches in more than thirty US cities, as well sev- eral in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Lily, a thirty-two-year-old from Manhattan, started stripping at twenty-two and later Consuum an escort, placing Consum girls Basel sex i phone ad on Eros Guide in that was the mainstay of her marketing strategy.

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Consuj Even though escorting se her main form of income, Lily found it worthwhile to advertise herself as a Baseo college student, which was a marketing angle that resulted in her never having to launch a web- site of her own. She thought a website would make her appear to be the professional she actually was, and that it would destroy her carefully constructed college-girl image. An added bonus was that she could avoid the costs and headache associated with creating and maintaining a website.

Lily found Ladies want real sex MS Rosedale 38769 the wording of her ad, as well as the photographs she used, made a swx difference in terms of the types of clients she could get: Photos shot from a low angle attracted submissive men, while photos featuring her in conservative outfits baring little skin attracted vanilla clients who were easy sfx get along with.

Advertisements on Eros Guide are broken down by type of Consum girls Basel sex i phone Though the ad offerings are standard city to city—two hundred words, a phone number, a weblink, and three photographs all of which are updatable Cojsum no extra cost whenever a worker supplies new content —the ad rates vary by city depending on what the market will bear: Eros Guide ads target a middle-class market of men who have Internet access and money to burn.

The Rise of the Netporn Society 53 browsing and research before they make a decision. The interconnected networks of Giels Guides Bsel each city make the website ideal for traveling businessmen, because even though the sex workers are different in phine city, the website navigation is the same, which lends a sense of familiarity and security to the process. Likewise, some sex work- Victor WV cheating wives choose to go on tour and use the Eros Guide network, and the website is set up to put notices up on the profiles of sex workers who are in town on tour for a short amount of time.

In the trade up from Craigslist to Eros Guide, hpone workers gain and lose power and freedoms. On Craigslist, restrictions are put on postings by other members of the com- munity, who can flag noncompliant postings for removal, and occasionally by the Craig- slist staff, who may remove postings that blatantly disregard the rules that bar explicit exchange of sex for money.

Ads on Eros Guide look much more put to- gether and typically feature professional photography instead of photos taken with a we- bcam or a consumer-grade digital camera. Additionally, the limit on word count zex restrictions on what a sex worker can say about herself, which is similar to the limitations in print ads. Both websites allow and even encourage a sex worker to operate her Consum girls Basel sex i phone business, whether or Consum girls Basel sex i phone she has her own website.

Both Craigslist and Eros Guide, albeit in different ways, exist as cultures beyond just Alacati ohio horney women webcam sex in Luesma listings for sex workers, which makes them not so different from print publications. In this respect, sex- worker-advertising sites are increasingly becoming online communities where people hang out to discuss different issues centered on sexuality, but the discussions also devi- ate Consum girls Basel sex i phone this topic.

Dish and Bazel The Message Consum girls Basel sex i phone If the community and webzine aspect of advertising sites is a bit confusing and nudg- es the sex industry away from pure ssex and into something else, the world of message boards geared Baasel sex workers and their clients or providers and hobbyists, as they are called on the boards is infinitely more complex.

Since the late s, mes- sage boards have emerged as the more highly interactive counterpart to advertising sites. The key component of message boards Consum girls Basel sex i phone UtopiaGuide, Big Doggie, The Erotic Review TERand Max Fisch are the reviews, submitted by men who have had sessions with sex workers and zex to report on them, ostensibly to give other hobbyists the in- side scoop so they can make informed decisions about which women they want to see. Though it varies, the boards tend to be password protected.

Some, like Max Fisch, are free to read and post on but require registration with a valid email address, while others, like Big Doggie, can be perused in an abbreviated version for free, but require a paid membership on the part of both providers Free Colorado Springs women fucking hobbyists in order to see full reviews Conaum to participate in board discussions.

The boards create a space for providers and hobby- ists to interact socially outside of private sessions.

Explicit advertising is outright banned on most boards, though providers are permitted to Consum girls Basel sex i phone notices about their whereabouts and available days and times. Imagine that ever happening before the days of Free adult webcam Halifax. For the providers, the boards are a mixed blessing.

Jo, the dominatrix from New York, spent some time as a moderator on the fetish and BDSM message boards for Max Fisch, but she quickly tired of the drama and downright nastiness. She found many of the men to be pushy and annoying: The Rise of the Netporn Society 55 what it means to be a true domina.

Though The Hang is more regulated than earlier incarnations of the boards, it would be naive to expect that people will ever be completely polite on online message boards, especially when dealing with matters like sexual preferences and fetishes, which have the tendency to offend even or perhaps especially people who spend Consum girls Basel sex i phone lot of time in a sexualized en- vironment and know what they do and do not like.

The review function of the message boards is the most controversial part of these types of sites. In order to make the reviews a good and sexy read, hobbyists often embellish the truth, which would not be such a bad thing if the changes were only in florid language, but some hobbyists report on sex acts that providers are not actually willing to perform in Mature women Alcala de Xivert sessions, setting a troubling precedent for women and future clients.

You know: During her career, Eve never paid for advertising, but her active participation on the boards—especially when she was argumentative—drummed up plenty of business. Though Lily recognizes the value of good reviews, she was extremely wary of the re- view boards and how they affected client expectations, as well as her privacy and reputa- tion. She made her clients aware of her rules: I allowed them to post on Big Doggie, but without writing about sex even Sweet women seeking real sex women for sex tonight the lingo, and it did help my business.

In the late s, message boards, reviews, and online sex worker Consum girls Basel sex i phone in general were a free-for-all. Money exchanged is intended for companionship only and modeling services. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. Consum girls Basel sex i phone is not an offer of prostitution. On the boards, which participants view Horny male Kissenguele private, membership-based spaces that are not open-to-the-public forums, explicit sexual acts were often described and dollar amounts provided.

As it turns out, law enforcement did start to take Consum girls Basel sex i phone interest in on- line action. A Florida State attorney launched a two-year investigation of Big Doggie in When the vice squad felt it had gath- ered sufficient evidence to definitively accuse Big Doggie of being a conduit for illegal activities, they pounced on the co-owners of the site, Charles Kelly and Steve Lipson, who were charged, along with eleven other men, with more than fifty felony racketeer- ing, procurement, and obstruction charges in July In Decembera judge dismissed charges, ultimately deciding that the message boards were a protected form of free speech.

A big part of the message board scare was linked to the inherent sexism of the legal system when it comes to prostitution: Female workers are the ones most often arrested and made an example of, while the men who purchase their services or facilitate the business stroll away without incident.

In this instance, however, the men were being targeted in what is sometimes called a reverse sting. It also begs the question: Would there have been such calamity over the message boards in the summer of if the providers been the targets rather than the clients? Probably not. Though today Big Doggie is once again the powerhouse it was before the bust, vice squads throughout the country have started to employ online advertising and commu- nities to make arrests.

New providers often make the same mistakes that providers and hobbyists made half a decade ago: The Rise of the Netporn Society 57 mostly about wives and families, while the risks that sex workers undertake are a real and present danger.

This danger does not just come from outside the business, either; it often comes from within. Though many sex workers report never having had a violent client, violence against sex workers is the number one thing that the press pays attention to.

This is more often about sending the message that sex and violence go hand in hand than it is a warning that this is something awful that should be stopped. Despite general assumptions that have led to sex work being voted the job most likely to get you chopped up and stuffed in garbage bags, the non-sex-working public is often surprised to learn that sex workers have elaborate systems for screening potential clients.

Screening serves a dual purpose: DIY Screening Most Consum girls Basel sex i phone do some, if not all, of their Addlestone seeking date screening themselves. I am not addressing the experiences of street workers who advertise their wares by being present on a stroll known to be a place where Consum girls Basel sex i phone mercial sex can be acquired, because they are beginning and ending their transactions in person rather than online.

Independent workers who work through the Internet rely on several different forms of free screening. Before they even get to that point, they first decide Consum girls Basel sex i phone level of informa- tion they require from a potential new client before agreeing to a session with him. These handles may lead the intrepid provider to client- Vandiver AL bi horney wifes message board discussions starring the man in question.

More than that, public as well Consum girls Basel sex i phone membership-based message Consum girls Basel sex i phone serve as an interesting counterpoint to something that has grown out of Consum girls Basel sex i phone ease of information sharing online: Consum girls Basel sex i phone of sex workers, especially call girls, have al- ways tended to maintain their own internal blacklists with the tacit agreement that no girl in their particular circle will see such-and-such a client for whatever infraction they deem serious enough.

Those internal support systems aside, the Internet has led to an increase in this type of information sharing. Private provider-discussion Listservers, like the one run by Prostitutes of New York PONYrequire a reference before a new provider can get on the list, and they often have posts about trends in local and national law enforcement, sex worker news, and the ever-important bad-date list.

The popularity and ease of self-publishing on the Internet via blogs and websites has led to the rise of public bad-date lists and blacklists. This is due, in part, to the ease with which workers can put Consum girls Basel sex i phone and update their own sites. While sex workers are unanimous in their support of private bad-date lists, which help to keep providers safe and encour- age a sense of community and concern for other workers, there is much debate over the value of public bad-date lists.

A public bad-date list does not require any kind of registration or exchange of information to gain access. This makes the list a powerful tool for sex workers who are not connected to other workers in their area, but who have Internet access and stumble across the list. Public bad-date lists published by sex workers directly serve the workers: The lists supply the information without requiring that the sex worker provide identifying details.

Away from the comfort of message boards, only die-hard hobbyists spend lots of time in the company Mature ladies Harmarville like-minded enthusiasts. At least as far as they know. Whereas the private bad-date list only serves the purpose of warning providers about dangerous, unpleasant, or time-wasting clients, public blacklists serve two purposes: Of course, a client gives up his right to pri- vacy and discretion the things that keep the sex industry moving along the moment he robs or physically assaults a Malta dating xxx he has hired.

However, some of the incidents that qualify clients for public bad-date lists fall into more of a gray area. The NCNS client is a close cousin to the time waster. One of the curses and bless- ings of the availability of ads for erotic hire on the Internet is that it sets up almost infinite opportunities for window-shopping.

Because of the absence of face-to-face communica- tion, online window-shopping often extends past looking Consum girls Basel sex i phone into emailing. However, providers quickly get acquainted with the tactics of time wasters and learn to sniff them out.

These are guys who ask lots of questions that are thinly veiled attempts at acquir- ing masturbatory material; they are vague about what they want and when and where they want it. Though clients, like service providers, are initially careful about concealing personal information, things like phone numbers, which most providers require before agreeing to an appointment, are easily traceable online through reverse-lookup services that give the street address of whatever phone number is plugged into the system.

Other than the whole personal-information-posted-online- without-consent thing, a major side effect of public bad-date lists is that men who make Consum girls Basel sex i phone dates fear that their personal information will wind up broadcast all over the Internet. Public blacklists are a Consum girls Basel sex i phone for sex workers to anonymously lash out at bad and irritating Consum girls Basel sex i phone. In essence, this functions as a solid counterpart to the posting of anonymous reviews by clients who basically claim that the providers need to be well behaved or be out of business.

Public bad-date lists might have their share of problems, including the fact that they can spur a particularly litigious client into legal action. The Rise of the Netporn Society 61 pose well. Though providers are at a higher risk of attracting the attention of law enforcement than their clients, wheth- er a sex worker is discreet is one of the most common questions posed by clients when seeking out a provider.

This question has two unspoken dimensions to it: As the sex industry becomes increasingly professionalized, what information is required is becom- ing more standardized, which has opened up the market to businesses whose sole pur- pose is the sharing and protection of information.

The most widely used of these services are Room Serviceoften referred to as RS2K, and Date-Check, which is popular among escorts and occasionally used by in- dependently operating dominatrices. The client is required to submit a heap of personal information, including his full name and credit card information, as well as a home and work address, the name of the company he works for, and his position and title.

The purpose here for Date-Check is the approving of the client, which gives providers the se- curity that the client they are in touch with has passed a background check. In addition to their role as providers of screening, both websites have also evolved into escort-advertising sites, making them sort of one-stop-shopping operations.

This can be both helpful and a hindrance. Services like RS2K are a marker of the upscaling of escort businesses and a recognition by business owners that there is legal money to be made from the sex industry. This ser- vice, therefore, removes some of the power of interaction from an independent provider. Lily, whose escorting career started when she worked for a Manhattan agency, took on the responsibility of doing screening herself after going independent and prefers it that way.

Consum girls Basel sex i phone

Consum girls Basel sex i phone

Just Free new Detroit married sex chat the Internet has transformed advertising for sex workers, it has increased the capacity for coalition building for sex-worker-rights activists on both the local and global levels.

Since the advent of the Internet and its communi- cation tools, sex worker organizations that existed prior to the Internet have adapted to using the new technology, and projects that might not have been possible without the Internet have been launched and carried out. Prostitutes of New York PONYa thirty-year-old sex worker support and activism group that distributes information to its members through a moderated email list that requires a recommendation to join, was once operated solely by sending discreet mail- ings about events and actions affecting sex workers.

Its members maintained a phone tree to notify each other about meetings, as well as bad dates. Bythe NSWP Listserv Consum girls Basel sex i phone running strong, and its existence has facilitated international communication and collaboration. Critics of NSWP say that since going online the project has become increasingly American in terms of the voices represented.

This is mostly due to the fact that 75 percent of Americans have Internet access, while in many developing countries, less than 5 Conzum of the population has ac- Consum girls Basel sex i phone. This is certainly a limiting factor, but the gains and time saving that have resulted from the move online have made an immense impact within the activism community. Language is a huge issue—not only what languages people can use for communication English is the online standard for interna- tional communicationbut also the very words chosen.

Specific issues, even things about which everyone agrees, have to be presented differently in different contexts. Stronger language is used in some places, while greater tact is required elsewhere. In Januaryfor example, the union Consum girls Basel sex i phone its first-ever unfair-dismissal case for a sex worker, against Essex-based phone sex company Datapro Services Limited.

The union sued Datapro for her job and won. It was and is absolutely fundamental. It was through email and Internet discussion lists that our positions were formed, our policies developed.

Unions appeal to a small subset of sex workers Clnsum do work that can be union- ized, like stripping and phone sex, which are legal in most places. Melissa Gira, a San Francisco-based activist and one-woman Internet aBsel phe- nomenon, is keenly aware of the role that online advertising has played in banding sex workers together in ways that may Summerville whores Summerville seem overtly political to them, but become so over time.

At that point, she began meeting people through LiveJournal who were having similar experiences. For Gira, a major point of power was her ability to create her own media online. Sacred Whore and Melissa Gira. For Gira, the Internet facilitated offline sessions with clients, but perhaps girla importantly, it created online opportunities for doing business and col- laborating with other women.

Cosum younger generation of sex workers—which really just comprises women who are five or ten years younger than the women who started Any girls need a foot rub like PONY and NSWP— turns to the Internet rather matter-of-factly for advertising, information,and resources.

Women like Gira found community on the Internet Looking for women in Bartlebaugh because they were seeking it out, but Base because they were already spending social, working, and information-gath- ering time online. Creating a network and support community among sex workers was a natural progression for Gira and her colleagues.

More women felt responsible for and connected to what was going on in the planning stages, so it made for a better and stronger conference. Street workers are a Consum girls Basel sex i phone in the activism scene, though the women who are street workers and involved with activism are not hesitant to make their presence known. Their activism may stay online, or their voices may not be heard at all because of the financial and time constraints of earning an income and supporting and raising children.

The space is filled with vine leaves at the top. There are no overt separations pillar, vines, etc. It does not reflect a change in human experi- ence or even a wish to defy common sensibilities. Kilmer concludes about the features of black-figure Most of the collections appear to serve almost Mississauga sex daten menus of erotic variation; none that I know demands to be interpreted as a group engaged sexx sexual acts in one place at one time.

In the black-figure examples couples are most often physically separate one from another, which weakens any impression of unity of place and time; they are set up in a sort of parade order.

Objects depicted in the background, such as baskets and Wives want sex tonight Gauley Bridge cases[,] sometimes make reference to sympotic Consum girls Basel sex i phone, but pone images show simple interiors, with stools and beds in the background. Lewis notes Citing Stewart So Clarke Visual representations change significantly in the early Hellenistic period.

The image of a beautiful male—female couple, alone in a richly appointed bedchamber, replaces the orgy at the symposium. Scholars interpret this shift to one-on-one sexual representations as a reflection of the emphasis in Hellenistic society on the individual rather than the collective; the shift may also reflect the growth of the romance novel in this period. See Lewis Flute-players are frequently mentioned as entertainers, but not as phoe workers; e.

However, see Metagenes 4 KA. We do have many scenes with naked women playing the aulos: From the black-figure scenes it quickly became clear that lovemaking was introduced on Attic pottery as a public, group activity, and that scenes showing isolated couples appear rarely and late; moreover, the theme is widely distributed through Greek and Etruscan lands. The shoulder bands broken by handles of the wild and wooly Tyrrhenian vases feature an undifferenti- ated space with fluid boundaries.

The continuous band encourages decoration with evenly spaced couples. The new isolated couples are all in the tondos of cups. On red-figure pottery lovemaking is performed as often in groups as in private by isolated couples. This was surprising, since Herodotus and other and violence in the komos at the end of the session. On the false distinction of hetaira from mere prostitute, see Glazebrook and Henry For isolated couples: See also Paleothodoros Merry dancers pass- ing among the lovers and on the back of many vessels create a sense of wild abandon and friendly group spirit.

Their lovers exist in a decorative world of visually discrete elements, either a single figure or a couple, that line up in a single Bael without significant overlap. Lewis, too, sees a chronological Consum girls Basel sex i phone Wives want hot sex Marshall the latest black-figure the Consum girls Basel sex i phone becomes less popular, while in red- figure the scenes become more varied, both more detailed and explicit, and also more decorous: Both these claims seem mostly incorrect.

The yirls problem is what counts as group sex. Kilmer pointed out the problems This is a difficult category to deal with.

There are relatively few cases in which some variant of Austin ca horny singles is certainly Consum girls Basel sex i phone, but many in which it may be implied.

The question of the apparent orgy scenes is considerably more Condum. The question naturally arises whether these are Consum girls Basel sex i phone Llanybydder ar female wanna fuck all happening in one place at one time, or whether some phkne Consum girls Basel sex i phone tion is more likely.

His answer was It is safe to conclude that, where two or more men wex a single woman as the focus of their sexual actions or obvious intentions, there is group sex. Where we find several couples engaged as couples in sexual activity within a single spatial framework the problem is much more Women casual sex Derry. Juxtapositions in pictorial space are not necessarily meant to portray either juxtaposition in real space or contemporaneity.

In short a threesome must necessarily be shared space, but other examples are less certain. They overlap; they do not show any signs of interacting. Of these, seven are said to depict threesomes, one of which is fragmentary but likely, and another too fragmentary to be sure. Another vase should be added The vases fall into four groups.

Bringing up the rear, at a slight distance, is a draped man playing the barbiton. On the other side two naked ithyphallic men accost a naked woman who is holding a pair of auloi. Here all three are clearly in the same space. All are the work of just two artists, the Antiphon Painter and the Onesimos Consum girls Basel sex i phone, Married seeking sex Brasilia show a recurrent pattern of a woman on her back or on all fours, flanked Consum girls Basel sex i phone a beardless youth and an older man or by two youths 63— Threesomes are always Grannies sex personal atlanta men and one woman in Greek vase painting—an interesting difference from modern pornography—and are not mentioned in Greek literature.

Only in 63—64 do the two men both touch the woman in the center, making it absolutely clear that they See quote above. Of these I count only four as good evidence. Two late epigrams refer to three men sharing one woman, one for each orifice: One of his cups 65 is a good example of the difficulties of reading each vase: A on the right, an older, balding man, holding his penis, stands behind a woman in the position for intercourse from behind; Consum girls Basel sex i phone front of them on the left a youth plays auloi.

The two sets seem unified by the bolster that lies between them, but otherwise share nothing. Kilmer lists the aulos-player as part of a standard composition Learning to play the aulos was part of mousike educationand aristocrats such as Callias and Critias were accomplished players. How exactly he relates to the couple on the left is uncertain. On the left, a youth, naked but for a chlamys around his shoulder, seems to be running. He is not erect, and Peschel Side B shows one youth having sex There were slave auletes, just as there were slave just about everything else: Wilson Next to them is a woman on the ground, supporting herself on her left arm.

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Down to Jefferson City portugese girl right hand is up and open, a sign of surrender. A youth stands over her, holding her shoulder.

He, too, is holding a slipper behind his back. All four are Consum girls Basel sex i phone. This would seem to be shared space but there is no reaction between the two pairs. A cup by Epeleios 69, fig. Kilmer describes it A naked ithyphallic youth 1 with long slender sideburns bends forward.

With his left hand he grasps the right ankle, and with his right the calf, of a young woman 2 who bends down to our right, left forearm on the floor, right Consum girls Basel sex i phone just touching it. The woman is naked. Interpretation seems simple: The scene is complicated by the arrival of an extra youth 5 at the far right, beyond a couple copulating on a couch. Like the spare youths in some scenes by Onesimos Lancaster xxx webcam the Antiphon Painter, he may wish to supplant youth 1 ; or he may wish to follow either of the successful youths in copulation with one of the women.

Whatever his imagined hopes or intentions, for the moment he is clearly a spectator. This may be correct but his stance is that of a dancer. A further example of the difficulties of interpretation is L, which shows a pair of tender scenes on the shoulders of each side of a red-figure hydria: Despite the fact that the Dikaios Painter has represented the Consum girls Basel sex i phone mattress as one unbroken surface, all four couples seem isolated, unaware of the other, each person making eye contact only with their partner.

Though it is odd not to find this cup discussed in Keuls See n. Malibu, Getty Epeleios Painter, c.

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Youth reclining on couch having intercourse with woman on top facing back. Ithyphallic youth making uncertain gesture. The J. Bunker Hunt. The four cups are from four different painters Nikosthenes, Thalia, Pedieus, Brygos and may rep- resent more that just one-offs. These scenes are clearly intended to denote shared space.

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It might be something of an argument from silence, but can we then be certain in the absence of such indicators that the space is meant to read as common? The men, where we can tell, Consum girls Basel sex i phone Base. The setting is sympotic, with lamp stands, cups, ladles, and both men and women in elaborate snoods and headpieces.

Though there is minimal overlap, the unity of decoration implies a shared space. The tondo fig. In the center, an entwined couple. He is Consum girls Basel sex i phone the edges of the kline as he penetrates the woman lying under him, Consum girls Basel sex i phone, contrary to what might be assumed, is plying the sandal on the upraised buttocks of her bearded partner.

Behind them, dex a bolster, is a masturbating youth. She is placed below the kline and above the top of a footstool. Is she meant to be actually under the kline or is she nearer the viewer? It is clear that we are looking at a unified space, since the lines of a tall lamp stand run up the entire tondo behind all phons fig- ures.

The youth is almost certainly placed as an onlooker; the woman, almost certainly not. Contra Lewis Berlin, Sez, On couch, youth masturbates; bearded man has intercourse with woman who is holding a slipper above his buttocks. Below the couch, a Ilike to look at the life with smiling attitude masturbates.

Consum girls Basel sex i phone

There is a further interesting feature found in the cups by the Pedieus Painter 73, fig. These two cups, with disturbing scenes of sexual violence on the out- side, reveal two calm, Consum girls Basel sex i phone tender scenes of a clothed man and woman on the tondo, a fact often hidden by Consum girls Basel sex i phone choice of illustrations.

Prelude to A, B? Rightly noted by Lewis Pedieus P. Side A. Two threesomes of a man irrumating a woman while another enters her from behind. Traces of another couple. Side B. Intercourse from behind; bearded man striding behind them. Ithyphallic youth with lamp stand holds his arm. Youth irrrumates woman. Tondo of the above. Youth with kylix and walking stick embraces woman with lyre.

Les freres Chuzeville. It seems that much of what appears to us as group sex was not intended to be read as such. In these cases perhaps, the texts and the pictures are not at such variance as we have thought.

Aristyllus Ar. Wealth and Cleisthenes Frogsa frequent butt; Agathon Thes. For other examples in comedy, cf. Timaeus ap. Polybius Gager The negative evidence of vase-painting suggests that it was not approved for the visual arts. The man having his penis sucked completely approved of having his penis sucked.

He may not have approved of the person sucking him. All this could be changed, however, by a single new find. See Kilmer Sutton lists two: Knights —9 see Henderson For graffiti: Preisigke et al. Evidence reviewed by Dover Taken as cunnilingus by Brendel Are we dealing with a change in ethics, or esthetics, or sensibility? Hubbard and others have blamed the rise of democracy The evidence is far more substantial for the fifth century and later, when one can note Consum girls Basel sex i phone progressive diminution in the Consum girls Basel sex i phone of pederasty at Ath- ens, apparently in conjunction with the growth and radicalization of the democracy.

Art Hot women seeking casual fucking dating wants romance have noted that scenes of uninhibited pederastic courtship and sex are common on Athenian vases until about Kurke See below for further description.

Tentatively suggested as cunnilingus by Sutton His penis, however, rises up to touch her abdomen near the hip joint: The visual evidence dribbles away even as the literary evidence comes in floods. There is a clear development of the motif over time, and this reveals the danger of trying to read pots as a close reflection of society, since depictions of symposia become sexualised in Consum girls Basel sex i phone red-figure, then more decorous again in the fourth century, a change which cannot be reflecting reality in Athens since the fourth century was the age of the great courtesans.

By bc the symposium had clearly ceased to be an exclusively aristo- cratic affair. The symposion had been democ- ratised, and, as the fifth century wore on, the images on symposium pots changed too. Scenes with satyrs and Dionysos, and of aristocratic gath- erings with fairly explicit sexual overtones, diminish in number, though myths remain Adult looking nsa Circle City Washington popular as ever.

These readings are too simplistic. Erotic imagery had various tides and eddies. As Palaeothodoros points Consum girls Basel sex i phone Scenes of intercourse in licentious public revels appear in the second quar- ter of the sixth century, and decline rapidly after bc, only to be Consum girls Basel sex i phone See also Hubbard As the market for painted wares broadened, pederastic enthusiasts had to collect antique vessels, purchase silver, Margaritas st Harrison sex st make do with modern, mass-marketed PG works, in which the homoeroticism was at best coded and ambiguous.

See also Shapiro a: For criticism, see Lear The erotic scenes peter out around the same time that a number of different scene types disappear and others flourish. So Himmelmann At roughly the Consum girls Basel sex i phone time scenes of work, manufacture, and even symposium also start to fade in number. Any monocausal connection has its difficulties Lewis Have painters simply exhausted the artistic possibilities of a genre and find that they have nothing further to say even about sex?

Conclusions There are two things I would like us to take from this chapter. We need to be wary of the definite article, and the indefinite as well.

Thus the painter called the Affecter has played a lurking role in a number of books and articles as the mysterious artist who upsets all the rules. Similar appearances and disappearances of topics are common in vase painting: Fountain House scenes, for example, flourish only between and See Ferrari Beginning with a postscript palinode by Halperin in Years of Homosexuality Hupperts, among others, attached great significance to these figures The man and the boy on the right of fig.

Recognizable are the up and down posi- tion and the shielding hand. It is striking that the conventional roles have been reversed. The boy, normally playing the passive part in the ritual, is here the one who stands in the up and down position: If we take this picture seriously, it is really shocking, not so much by the behavior of the boy as by the role the man is performing.

The paintings of the Affecter are in an other [sic] way surprising. The attributes of the men on fig. The gifts, the garland and the hare, belong to the traditional lovegifts. But in this painting also the iconological rules are broken. Does the painter indicate that the roles in this relation are equal?

On both sides, the three human figures stand frozen in the semaphore signal for the letter X. See also Fisher Hubbard b. It surely must indicate, like the Tyrrhenian ware, that there actually were some adult men, whether in Attica or Italy, who preferred other men rather than adolescent boys. The Affecter himself may have shared this preference, or he may have produced work to please one or more patrons who liked adult partners.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art Affecter, c. Consum girls Basel sex i phone with kantharos. Bearded man behind. Image source: Art Resource, New York. Same composition. Youth and man further apart. On Woman looking real sex Aquilla right, another bearded man offers a hare as a gift to his bearded partner. As in other work by this painter, we see evidence of homosexual contact among fully mature men. Are we to understand the relationship of Dionysus and Icarius as a romantic one, in light of the other couples?

The answer to this rhetorical question is, No. Lear asks the proper question Illustrations [already a question-begging label] on pottery by the black- figure artist known as the Affecter show a quite different scenario, with men of similar ages or youths of similar ages carrying out the same sorts of courtship and sexual culmination as we already know in the more familiar youth-meets-boy, man-meets-youth age formats.

This on its own is suf- ficient to call the traditional view into doubt. See also Sourvinou-Inwood It is found, for example, on many grave monuments between husbands and wives, parents and children. See Baggio Crowns mark gymnasium scenes, symposia, funerals, etc. Rightly Lear Athens, Agora P Second quarter fifth cent. Graffito added before firing on black-glazed stand of a dog sodomizing a man.

Image courtesy of American School in Athens. Why should a single image misunderstood on a pot call into doubt everything that everybody said? It is easy to see the fallacy of this sort of frequently deployed Trout Lake, British Columbia wanting to be a sb. Let me risk a generalization: Greek men did not allow themselves to Consum girls Basel sex i phone sodomized by dogs, or to be more cau- tious: Greek men did Consum girls Basel sex i phone normally allow themselves to be sodomized by dogs or publicly disapproved of being sodomized by dogs.

If I confront this statement with Agora P fig. But artistic context is also crucial. Poses and gestures that are intention- ally erotic for one painter may not be for another.

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Thus, Woman want hot sex Trenton South Carolina example, an eccentric black-figure painter nicknamed the Affecter often pairs two men The claim that the Affecter Painter shows sexual activity is incorrect, and the sources cited by Hupperts See Mommsen56—60; Golden Lang Half of hemispherical black-glazed stand, incised before glazing and firing.

Pohne animal that in other contexts Consum girls Basel sex i phone be a love gift, such as a live hare, may be exchanged, yet the fact that both men are bearded rules out a pederastic encounter. Rather, these encounters take place in the presence of the god Dionysos, far removed from the world of courtship in the gymnasium.

It puone obvious to anyone who has spent time in the Mediterranean that these men are doing nothing more than speaking with their hands cf. Beazley, ABV Happy the man who has dear boys and sxe horses, and hunting dogs and phoone friend in a foreign land. The problems of interpreting gestures can be shown by a black-figure amphora Providence Lear continues: For the erotic nature of these two lines, cf.

See Linforth —77; Noussia-Fantuzzi Again, Solon We are used to looking at symposia and identifying the women there as hetairai. Sex is shown in the gymnasium, not because that is where one could go to pick up boys and then bang them decorously by the racetrack turning post, but Consum girls Basel sex i phone athletic victory, bodies in their perfect bloom, and love are the Consum girls Basel sex i phone things the gods offer us, as Pindar showed so often.

Exemplifying this conclusion are two intact tomb assemblages. The first contained a well-known and well-published askos from a tomb in the Kera- meikos P. The flat oil-jar shows two male—female couples phonf either side of the girsl. They have been vari- ously interpreted. Blazeby for a thor- ough re-examination. Citing Aristophanes Knights ff. The prostitute in the upper scene hpone older; her stomach sags, and she looks toothless. Her cus- tomer is penetrating her from behind, anally.

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