Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Success of the Critical Presence Postgraduate Show at London Design Week
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Success of the Critical Presence Postgraduate Show at London Design Week

With a vibrant private view and opening night Ravensbourne’s postgraduate community showcased the outcome of one year intensive interdisciplinary design research and practice. Dr Brigitta Zics, the Acting Course Director of the Postgraduate Programme, opened the event with the following remarks:

This is a special year for us. This is the first year that we are launching the show as Ravensbourne University London. The Department of Postgraduate Studies was instrumental in helping to secure the University title.

Prof Jeremy Gardiner ( Course Director) , who is on sabbatical leave at this time,  joins us tonight to share the success and achievements of our students.  Jeremy envisioned a truly interdisciplinary programme to celebrate talent whose creative understanding does not only limit itself to a subject area but has a holistic comprehension of practice. Jeremy, an acclaimed artist and  a leading educator who after working in world leading institutions such as MIT, Pratt Institute and the Royal college of Art was interested in building a studio environment that is agile and highly responsive to students needs.

The transformation that many of our students experience is exceptional, and many I hope, take away a toolkit to innovate; embracing digital craftsmanship, tackling emerging technologies along with the ability to critique. Tonight we would like to celebrate the work of our graduates who are a unique breed of indisedisciplinary designers and holistic thinkers.

Just to let you know two weeks ago we heard that from our last cohort Dongho Kim won the prestigious Red Dot Award in Germany. With her master project Emma Jacob received the Merit Award from The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (Minneapolis) United states.  Enrique Muñoz performed his work  at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018  and David Caracuel  garments  (from our current cohort)is on the new cover of  Boyfriend magazine.

So what do we see now? Well, Critical Presence, the theme of the exhibition, reflects on the radical changes in how we experience the ‘here and now’.  Social media platforms, Virtual and Augmented realities transform the way we see ourselves and the world. They provide us with great potential but also come with new challenges and risk. How much we are aware of these new presences, how much they impact on our habits, rituals and routines is what this show reveals to us. What you see before you are the works of the designers and thinkers who will shape our future.

So it is in thanks to this professional team of dedicated teachers that we now launch this show of excellent new student work. Thank you for Alberto for his dedication and hard work, Pierre, our curator, for stepping it up after just arriving at Ravensbourne. 

More information about the Critical Presence Postgraduate Show can be found here: Download this year’s Degree Show brochure as a PDF.

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