Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Koonpol Podhisita – Culturalphabet
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Koonpol Podhisita – Culturalphabet

Culturalphabet, designed by MA Communication Design graduate, Koonpol Podhisita, uses beautiful illustrations to bring to life the twenty one consonant sounds that make up the Thai language. Podhisita’s project encourages more than just the routine memorisation of words and rules of grammar to increase vocabulary.

As a visual communication aid for those learning Thai, each illustrated Thai alphabetical character corresponds to a word in order to demonstrate the workings of the Thai language but also refers to everyday ways of Thai life.

In contrast to a language such as Chinese – a comparable application being Chineasy, for example – where one stand alone Chinese character holds meaning, Thai words attain their meaning differently. Instead, Thai words signal their meaning through each symbol, making it a far more complicated language to grasp via conventional textbook learning. Central to the project’s concept is how Culturalphabet demonstrates language as inseparable from culture. By showcasing the Thai alphabet in this way, those learning the language will find that basic Thai words can be committed to memory far quicker by association with this gorgeously illustrated and engaging application.