Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Pryscila Cromeyer – Dress Well
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Pryscila Cromeyer – Dress Well

Moved by the refugee crisis in Calais, France, MA Communication Design student Pryscila Cromeyer wanted to create a project which would directly help those affected. Dress Well is an app and service concept designed to improve and hasten the overall process of donating clothing to the refugee community in Calais.

Creating a user experience which engages donors at every stage, (a main feature being that donors are able to track their donation from pickup location to distribution point), Cromeyer identifies the importance of bridging gaps.

The donor is provided with a Dress Well duffle bag, which is marked inside with an individual code and instructions to download the app. From there, the donor can either deliver to the drop off location or request a volunteer to this for them. Every step of the way until the bag’s arrival in Calais is made known to the donor via notifications.

By facilitating a closer relationship to the process itself, and being able to watch and understand what happens to their donations, Dress Well encourages greater and more sustained participation in humanitarian crisis initiatives such as these.

Numerous studies isolate distance as the definitive factor in whether or not people choose to donate to charities, with the likelihood of local charities fairing better than those perceived as further away. Equally, campaign narratives which focus in on one relatable subject, bringing the issue closer to home for people, tend to draw more donations. By removing obstacles which distance or have an abstracting effect, donors are more inclined to empathise, and through this involvement in the process, there is a greater chance of them donating in the future. In the same vein of narrative over statistics, Cromeyer has recognised that an app such as Dress Well needs to create a narrative of its own in order to harness the positive affects associated with acts of generosity. By being able to track the progress of the donation, donors are then rewarded at the final stage of the journey, knowing that their action of donating has helped somebody greatly in need.