Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Discover, define and develop – Little Red Riding Hood interactive story
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Discover, define and develop – Little Red Riding Hood interactive story

How can the use of technologies enhance children’s learning experience in particular by providing the right tool to teach social skills? Sarah Dousse, MA Communication Design student, is currently researching this topic. She has been experimenting creating an interactive app/book to raise awareness about child grooming. The potential users for this app would be parents, teachers/educators and children.

Two stories will be overlapping: one will be a contemporary version of “the little red riding hood’ and the other one will be the story or a little girl victim of child abuse. The second story would only appear in AR, overlapping the original tale.

How is Sara innovating with her interactive story?
– the use of AR in storytelling it relatively new.
– Netflix is already experimenting with interactive shows like ‘Puss in Boots: trapped in an Epic Tale’.
– Active experimentation can improve the way children recall and understand dialogic and descriptive ideas.
– The key to prevent child grooming and online abuses is prevention.

Sarah highlights the importance of training staff and students to recognise the indicators and know where to get help.