Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Fashion student, Siyue Xu, designs for Ollie Alexander
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Fashion student, Siyue Xu, designs for Ollie Alexander

One of our fashion student from Shangai, Siyue Xu, has designed one of the outfits for the British actor and singer OllyAlexander. Inspired by the orgy scene in Years and Years’ music video “Desire” that inspired her outfit, which comprises of a kimono coat

and pair of shorts. In fact, said orgy scene is depicted on the back of this coat – in sequins. A big fan of Alexander, Xu says she admires the singer for opening up about his mental health and body image struggles. “I think that kind of braveness and the spirit of ‘being yourself’ is what I trying to express.”

“The lead singer of Years and Years has enlisted some fashion students from our university to design his stage costumes. Giving the designers a brief that outfits should be “colorful, bold and with an element of fantasy,” Alexander said he wanted genderless clothing because gender is “so boring.” As he puts it, “I don’t really feel like a gender on stage, I feel more non-binary.”

Taking inspiration from his heroes Björk, David Bowie and “anyone who does a look”, Alexander is set on bringing some theatricality into the art of stage costumery – and he’s doing it with the help of young people. “They’re always at the forefront of ideas, innovation and aesthetics and it seemed like a really cool, collaborative idea to do. I want to drink the blood of all the young talent. ”

Read more about his here.