Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Intimacy
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“A routine evening on the couch sets the scene for an exploration into the nature of togetherness in Intimacy, the projection-mapped installation by Ravensbourne University students Mike Alger, Ana Mickovic, and Jenil Buria. Projected onto a 3D-printed diorama, different videos and textures appear to transport a couple cuddling under a blanket into different locations on Earth. “Intimate relationships are based on the trust that is established through revealing personal experiences,” the artists explain to The Creators Project. “In order to add a level of intimacy between the artists and audience, all elements in the piece are inspired by locations from our lives.”


To construct Intimacy, Alger, Mickovic, and Buria first scanned the couple on the couch with the E-Sense 3D scanner. After cleaning up the model, they used a MakerBot to print it. Their first attempt, which took 28 hours, failed, resulting in a glitched-out, accordion-style sculpture—not exactly something you can easily project onto. After another 28 hours, the trio had a functional 3D print, which they could then map with interior spaces and textures designed by Mickovic, CGI transitions by Alger, and videos curated by the trio. Combined with audio from an intimate moment from Linklater’s film, Before Sunrise, the result is a sculptural surface upon which its creators’ invididual memories and experiences become as universal, transportive, and intimate an evening just sitting on the couch, losing yourself in the moment, can be.


Alger, Mickovic, and Buria have provided extended documentation for Intimacy. Click here to learn more about how they made it, where their visual inspirations came from, and to see images of the glitched-out sculpture that resulted from an error in their original 3D printing process.”(Emerson Rosenthal via creators VICE)