Ravensbourne Postgraduate | MA Fashion: Lookbook 2016
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MA Fashion: Lookbook 2016

“MA Fashion at Ravensbourne has innovation at its heart and is the key place to explore traditional design skills in synergy with sophisticated entrepreneurial thinking. With the addition of the recently launched Material Library, students have direct hands-on access to new free-form fabrication methods that encourages them to address how complimentary technologies can support and enhance the human body and explore profound new ways with which to future-proof sustainable collections.” (Beatrice Newman, Subject Leader: MA Fashion)


Fashion is a creative, project-based course that focuses on the dynamic between creativity, technology and business awareness. It develops the critical, technical and professional skills necessary to advance practice and stimulate innovation in the fashion industry. You will explore the boundaries of creative fashion design and develop your skills utilising a range of prototyping technologies. The course will challenge you to re-examine the underpinning methodologies and ways of working that characterise creative practice in fashion.


You will benefit from our unique postgraduate ethos of encouraging collaboration with other postgraduate practitioners to gain a multidisciplinary perspective. Throughout the course, you will develop new experimental approaches to fashion and/or textile design, strengthening your own practice and developing new skills. Final project outcomes range from traditional catwalk collections to installations, interactive experience, exhibitions, virtual design, products, promotional packages, magazines, videos or websites. We encourage you to make final projects which integrate multi-disciplinary perspectives, for instance catwalk collections that involve installation or the development of fashion brand campaigns involving digital media and 3D film.


Futures: you will be equipped with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the international fashion and fashion marketing business, enabling you to integrate these skills into the creative design and making process.

Lookbook 2016