Ravensbourne Postgraduate | MSc Interactive Digital Media alumnus is the new Red Dot Award winner
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MSc Interactive Digital Media alumnus is the new Red Dot Award winner

MSc Interactive Digital Media alumnus, Dongho Kim, is a Red Dot Award winner in Communication Design: Brand Design category. His award-winning project “1 in 360” produced in collaboration with Yunyoung Lee. This year, designers, agencies and companies from 45 countries entered the competition and handed in a total of 8,610 works. From those submissions, the jury selected the winning designs in 17 categories.

“1 in 360 is an innovative talent show with a focus on inclusiveness authenticity and creativity- The reference to “360” reflects both the vision to look for talent everywhere (360 degrees) and the intention to film some footage in both traditional 16:9 and 360 formats. Through this brand redesign, the aim is to the discovery and promotion of new talent in a new way. The purpose of the redesign is to better capture the values of the brand and given the international reach of 1 in 360 to create an instantly recognizable set of colours, shapes, patterns and logos that can carry the message of 1 in 360 to audiences around the world. ” Daniel Kim, Ravensbourne alumnus and award winner.

Since 1993, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design is awarded for achievements in the fields of corporate design, advertising, interactive media or sound design.

“The higher number of entries is confirmation for us that we have got lots of things right and proof of the global trust placed in us when it comes to evaluating a design. It bears testimony to the quality of the competition and in particular to the status enjoyed by our seal of quality.” Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award.