Ravensbourne Postgraduate | PGCOM reflects our diverse subject areas at Ravensbourne
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PGCOM reflects our diverse subject areas at Ravensbourne

When Ravensbourne Postgraduate students leave their studies, they do so ready and eager to flourish in their chosen careers and industries. It’s not down to luck or even simply because we are responsive to the changes and challenges that digital revolution inevitably brings. It’s because we understand how essential it is to learn in an environment where a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach is positively cultivated and encouraged. 

We have renowned academics and highly active industry practitioners offering their first-hand expertise on production, creativity and critical practice, teaching in an award-winning building equipped with industry-standard facilities. We enable students to think through making, providing them with the latest practice-based research methods and helping them to achieve their potential by developing dynamic skill sets.

Set in place by Dr.Brigitta Zics and led by Alberto Villanueva, PGCOM is born of the same ethos and spirit. Operating as a peer-led network for students to communicate and collaborate with each other, PGCOM complements students’ studies by encouraging them to develop their sense of responsibility and initiative to prepare them for professional life beyond study.

The roles taken by students on PGCOM reflect our diverse subject areas at Ravensbourne. With everything from PG Students’ Representatives who are tasked with surveying the views and opinions of fellow students and presenting them to course staff, to the role of PG Library/Material Library Relationship Manager in coordination with the Library team, every aspect of life within the Postgraduate Department has a correspondent PGCOM position. This extends to our online presence too. Supported by an experienced professional in the field, Ravensbournepost.com is assisted by a student Content Manager who leads a team of PGCOM student writers, assistant editors and creatives to bring you the best of what’s happening in the Postgraduate Department.