Ravensbourne Postgraduate | MA Communication Design alumna animating projects for BBC Radio 4
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MA Communication Design alumna animating projects for BBC Radio 4

MA Communication Design alumna Rabia Ali, who was studying with us during the academic year 2016-2017, has created a couple of animation projects for BBC Radio 4.  Rabia was contacted by BBC representatives during our Radical Materiality Postgraduate Degree Show!

The first animation is “A cure for cancer?” (click here to watch). Where you will find her effective drawings to explain the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL, is the most common form of leukemia. It’s a disease which kills. The most common treatment is with chemotherapy. If that doesn’t work, most patients can only expect to live for another few years at most. But there are dramatic developments with new targeted treatments which are less toxic than conventional chemotherapy. Reporter Simon Cox reports on a medical trial which uses a unique combination of drugs designed to defeat the cancer.

The second one is part of the BBC Loneliness Experiment (click here to watch): “We all feel lonely at certain points in our lives, but for some people that loneliness becomes chronic. To help us discover who feels lonely and what can be done to help them feel more connected, we’d like as many people as possible to take part in the BBC Loneliness Experiment. We’ve been working with leading psychologists in the field of loneliness in a collaboration with Wellcome Collection to create this survey. We hope to answer some questions which haven’t been researched before. Whether or not you feel lonely at the moment, we’d love to hear from you.” (BBC Radio 4)