Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Radical Materiality – The Postgraduate Degree Show 2017 (Walkthrough)
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Radical Materiality – The Postgraduate Degree Show 2017 (Walkthrough)

You can watch now the walkthrough video of Radical Materiality with some of the master’s students participating in The Postgraduate Degree Show 2017 during the academic year 2016-2017 at Ravensbourne. An exciting event where they had the opportunity to exhibit their master’s projects in front industry guests during 4 days.

Radical Materiality showcased postgraduate work exploring the interplay between the digital and physical – where the convergence of the two has an impact on how we create artefacts and shape experiences. The exhibition explored themes such as the future of biotechnology and augmented beauty, the simulation of space through illusion and the use of mixed reality to explore a migrant’s journey. These works question received wisdom and articulate a sense of meaning and purpose around innovation, digital spaces and design thinking.