Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Social labels and subcultures in fashion
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Social labels and subcultures in fashion

MA Fashion current student Antonio Marcial Viéitez is creating a collection based on social labels and subcultures. His research is about how subcultures have changed and how they are not a private ritual anymore but a public and interactive event in social media. A manifest of how social labels play an important part of the evolution of society.

With this project he intends to create garments and outfits for people who feel in the middle of those social labels and subcultures; customers who feel comfortable being themselves without being categorized. It is also an expression of himself as an artist and fashion designer. It is an exploration of his feelings as part of this circuit of “tags, labels, likes and retweets”.

These sketches are part of his research. He went out to the street to draw random people and see their style, the way they dress. That way he can stay true to the real essence of street style and he can reinterpret it. This is his way to see urban tribes and social labels life. Antonio states that “labels are a double-edged sword: people need them to understand everything but they are hurtful when used by people against people”.