Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Superhuman – 20th of September 2016
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Superhuman – 20th of September 2016

During an era within which technical automatisms deftly merge into our everyday lives, we’re often speculating about the exact kind of future we’re hurtling towards. Technologies continue to augment around us at lightening speed; altering how we perceive, interact, communicate and develop in ‘real’ and virtual worlds. Whilst the prospects are thrilling, the opportunities at hand are undeniably fraught with peril. The impact of a new generation of emerging innovations in and of themselves undoubtedly possess a Frankenstein-effect paradox.

Arguably, we are no longer in control of the giant leaps in our own creation and development. The SuperHuman 2016 Ravensbourne Postgraduate exhibition explores this vital paradox through a broad range of creative practices and human centric-design. The show comprises interdisciplinary design works, fashion and art installations from postgraduate students representing twenty two nations.