Ravensbourne Postgraduate | Soa J.Hwang, MA Interactive Digital Media alumna, exhibiting at the Watermans Gallery
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Soa J.Hwang, MA Interactive Digital Media alumna, exhibiting at the Watermans Gallery

Soa J.Hwang, MA Interactive Digital Media alumna, will be exhibiting in Trajectories’ exhibition until the 8th of March at the Watermans Gallery. Trajectories is a platform for academics, creative practitioners, students and audiences exploring the potential of creative learning and making to help us engage critically in the current and future issues of the world. The Trajectories exhibition works were selected by Eszter Bircsák, Sara Choudhrey and Irini Papadimitriou.

Art, design, and technology support vital skills we will need to be a thriving society, throughout education and beyond: critical thinking, problem-solving, the ability to engage creatively with social issues, among others. They help us understand and give meaning to the world we live in.

There is a frequent focus on the nature of truth from fake news to the way we tell historical narratives. There is also a piece that reflects our anxiety around our accelerating lives, seemingly without the ability to stop, and a look at the environmental impact the technologies that we have come to rely on.  In different ways, the work and narratives challenge our way of viewing the world.

[Manipulated_Painting#7] – Soa J.Hwang

[Manipulated_Painting] is a series of interactive paintings in which the artist explores how computational technologies can change the relationship between the viewer and the painting. Built in a game engine, the paintings are programmed to respond to the presence of an audience through various sensors, exploring the meaning of visual truth and how we each see things that are in front of us.