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thoughts and practices from Ravensbourne’s


Radical Materiality – The Postgraduate Degree Show 2017 (Walkthrough)

You can watch now the walkthrough video of Radical Materiality with some of the master’s students participating in The Postgraduate Degree Show 2017 during the academic year 2016-2017 at Ravensbourne. An exciting event where they had the opportunity to exhibit their master’s projects in front industry guests during 4 days.READ MORE

MA Fashion alumna exhibits to celebrate International Women’s Day

MA Fashion alumna Zoe Burt has been invited to exhibit her work to celebrate International Women’s Day with other international feminist artist. The event is organised by Nasty Women in different cities: New York, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London. An exhitionwhere you will find a range of contemporary artwork including photography, sculpture, craft, fine art, and film whilst raising money for End Violence Against Women.READ MORE

Soa J.Hwang, MA Interactive Digital Media alumna, exhibiting at the Watermans Gallery

Soa J.Hwang, MA Interactive Digital Media alumna, will be exhibiting in Trajectories’ exhibition until the 8th of March at the Watermans Gallery. Trajectories is a platform for academics, creative practitioners, students and audiences exploring the potential of creative learning and making to help us engage critically in the current and future issues of the world.READ MORE

Mars. The conquest of a Dream – Ravensbourne’s research in Spain

Lecturer in MA Environment Design, Alberto Villanueva, is exhibiting in Telefónica Foundation Space his research to terraform the planet Mars using architecture and 3D printing as environmental tools. Research started in 2015 at Ravensbourne and which has included collaborations with different international companies and institutions. An exhibition where were selected the research projects of NASA and Sir Norman Foster.READ MORE

Judit Florenciano – Techosmetics: The synthetic skin salon

Judit Florenciano’s MA Wearable Futures project Techosmetics: Synthetic Skin Salon uses speculative design to explore what the impact of biotechnological advancements might be on how we represent and relate to the human body.

Techosmetics: Synthetic Skin Salon is a concept installation where viewers are encouraged to handle and choose from an archive of bioengineered ‘skin’ samples. This fictional cosmetic enhancement service offers procedures to genetically modify human skin, providing a space for analysis and critique of such ideas. READ MORE

‘Accomplices’ – Avatars and other Alter Egos

It’s cold outside, but just before we start looking forward to the holiday season, it’s time for a sneak peek to see how busy our current postgraduate students have been during the first five-week cycle of the 2017/ 2018 year.

Four projects were presented in response to the brief ‘Accomplices’ – Avatars and other Alter Egos, a glimpse into students’ READ MORE

Sangwoo Lee – Nostalgic Irony

Sangwoo Lee’s MA Moving Image project Nostalgic Irony is a creative film using projection mapping techniques to appropriate video effects and styles of the 80s. READ MORE


Course leader for MA Fashion, Beatrice Newman, led Techknitcal, a workshop for students to develop their knowledge of the varying technical processes involved in the production of knitted fabrics. READ MORE

Fernanda Valério – Within the Orbit

Fernanda Martins Valério, of MA Wearable Futures, considers the stark reality of climate change and the devastating impact of human activity upon the balance of the planet.

With seven billion of Earth’s inhabitants consuming at the same rate as the United States, for example, a number of important minerals would be gone in less than 20 years. READ MORE

Peter Schaefer – Sonic Neurality

As Hollywood screenwriters threatened to strike back in April of this year, director Oscar Sharp and creative technologist Ross Goodwin were releasing a short film for the Sci-Fi London Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Challenge. READ MORE

Geli Luna – Spatial Identity

For her MA Communication Design project, Spatial Identity, Geli Luna reinterprets a musical artist’s visual identity through an immersive spatial experience.

Influenced by theories of depth and perception by Richard Gregory, the anamorphic art of Tjeerd Alkema and the Op art paintings of Bridget Riley, Luna applied her fascination with physical space and knowledge of 3D design to Spatial Identity.


Taking the band Alt-J as case study, Spatial Identity reimagines the band’s performances READ MORE

Zoe Burt – Mind your fucking language

Zoe Alexandria Paton Burt looks at the power of words and identity in her MA Fashion project, Mind Your F*cking Language. To explore perceptions of gender and sexuality, Paton Burt shared her questions with others, asking them to remember in particular their own experiences of hearing sexist language. READ MORE

Radical Materiality – 19th of September 2017

Join us from 6pm on 19 September to celebrate the opening of Radical Materiality, a curated exhibition of postgraduate work exploring the altering role of convergence between the digital and physical and its impact on how we create artefacts and shape experiences.READ MORE

Emme Jacob – Any > Which > Way

“With ruins a city springs free of its plans into something as intricate as life, something that can be explored but perhaps not mapped… An urban ruin is a place that has fallen outside the economic life of the city, READ MORE

Velophonic Ride

Velophonic Ride is a collaborative project which brings together several students from varied courses and backgrounds to investigate maker culture and digital prototyping techniques such as 3D printing.READ MORE

Adam Bloomer – Immersive VR Theraphy

For almost twenty years now, there’s been a growing trend in research and clinical trials which points to the viability and potential of Virtual Reality’s use in therapeutic applications. Many in the field predict that VR will READ MORE